I have a master's degree in Management
I have switched my profession to serve the "greater good".
I am working with investigators to find murderers, and deceased (cause of death).
I also help people resolve their negative feelings by getting a connection with their passed loved ones and give much needed peace of mind to rebuild their new life.
I have knowledge about Spirits, ghosts, reincarnation, heaven, and hell. I have astral traveled and am one of the few who can prove it (I love proof), and have had an out of body experience, and dealt with blocking negative spirits (personally).
Yes, I have had paranormal experiences from a young age.
My astrological chart indicates I have "a special connection with God", and know about reincarnation.

I know Vedic Astrology, and get readings regularly from others who can accurately detail my past, present, and future.
My relationship readings are also paired with the knowledge I have of my very extensive background in meeting people and witnessing their relationship problems. For example, I have moved very many times in my life, and my mother is now on her 7th relationship (I was with her through 6 of them), I lived with my grandparents a few years, who were married only once, I also went to a small church, and boarding school in high school where I intimately knew each person.
I have learned to use my intuition to determine who is safe, a good person vs. risky, etc. etc. etc. and my moto is that there are 1 million people within 15 minutes of you (usually), so never settle for unhappiness.
Better is always better. And the truth is always the truth.

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