Problem Identification and Solutions
These are things I can verify with 100% accuracy with only birth days and months of any 2 people!
I'll show you the root cause of the problems in your relationships:  irritations, miscommunication that cause tension, secret frustrations (that usually result in many areas of problems), secret motivations, values, life goals, obsessions, and where loyalties and dedication lie, etc. that may never change (some change slightly depending on maturity and religious teaching to look for improvements of the self)!
I then tell you how to improve the relationship, redirect the focus, understand if the signs you are seeing are serious or for what reason they are being said or done, what is simply miscommunication, or help you decide if ending the relationship would be best.
I give specifics about you personally first so you know I am accurate, and your partner in whatever type of relationship you're in. I do not say generalities such as "you are willing to work it out" or things that are already obvious like a lot of fake relationship readers do.
This reading takes about 30-45 minutes via text messaging.
Payment is due upfront.
I do not do readings of this type for single people... only in a relationship.
See screenshots of some of my reviews below!
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Why Astrology Readings??
There are many different perspectives of life (12+)...astrology helps determine who is compatible.
Yes we all do everything occasionally, but what we consider most important, our perspective of what makes success in life, what we consider problems, what we consider humorous and harmless when interacting with others, our thinking processes, what motivates us secretly, what we obsess about, and what we would never change is what sets us apart.
This is based on Vedic Astrology
Have you ever read your Astrology Sign and thought "that doesn't sound like me at all".  Well most likely because it is not correct.
I use the Astrology that most everyone in the country of India uses on a daily basis. Because the earth loses a day every 72 years, Western Astrology does not update their dates. So many times I find you are a different sign than you thought you are.
This is why I have a 100% accuracy record. But also, I have dealt with many many relationship problems and have an innate sense of what is wrong to pair it with your astrology type.

Don't wait to discover things you might not find out until after you moved in together!
There are those who are chronically more selfish than selfless, unreliable, and untrustworthy, home oriented vs. fun oriented, honest vs. deceiving ...and more...

For example...the most common reading request I get is where the man won't even confront you if there's a problem, and go behind your back to find Ms. Right, and gets a new place secure before breaking up with you because his sex drive is through the roof (while you might be someone who prefers it very innocent in the bedroom)...he won't even give you a clue! He values the fantasy life...always going for the next best opportunity (but wants it to be genuine / won't tell you what they want from you to try change). Most of my clients get a feeling something is wrong but can't pinpoint what it is. I also have personal experience with this partner.

Then there's the chronic liar who views life like a chess game incompatible with the people who despise lies and won't even let one little lie go!

Personally I can't deal with the sign who likes to argue all day long even if it is just for fun!
Don't forget the control freaks about money and your time!
Then there's the people who never take your side...they like to keep their options open at all times....not really appropriate for a romantic relationship but it happens!
And many more incompatible combinations!

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