I will never ask you for personal information such as your last name, house address or your friend's or relatives, etc etc et... I usually only need a first name of the spirit we are channeling. A photo is helpful (closest to the time of death even more so).
I do not get any personal information (that could lead to identity theft for example) from your passed loved one during a reading. Your passed loved one is interested in your well being, and I am not interested in having evil spirits around me.
Feel free to be open about any subject.
I no longer post screenshots of conversations on my website for examples or reviews...but if you would like to post a review I would appreciate it on my facebook page (see icon above) and Lottery Medium.

I always keep all clients on a professional level.
I do not contact you, or anyone else, after the session, unless asked to do so and know it would be appreciated.
For Reward situations, you will be asked to meet an officer near the location... a name, phone number and description of vehicle is necessary. I recommend you do this because you do not want to let the suspect have any idea you are coming for them and hide the item when you arrive a second time.

I do not do seances, or work with crystals or cards or any evil spirits.

Obviously I do not guarantee the questions you ask will be answered by your passed loved one as they have their own motivations and desires they want you to know. For this reason I require payment upfront unless working for a reward or genuinely asking for lottery numbers (if your passed loved one so chooses to give them to me- that's the chance I take and the session is totally free for you).

Also know that information I get from your spirit guide may not always be the information you want to hear (not always pleasant)....however, I feel that because Spirits know everything and are always good for you, their information takes precedence over human knowledge, and they know what's best for you to know at this time for a better future. I highly suggest you take their information/advice over anyone else's!

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