Medium Sessions

Not all mediums connect with the spirit world the same way.  Just like all doctors cannot perform all of the different types of specialties.
Am I psychic? No! Mediums are the relay like the telephone (with a weak/bad connection from the other side) to relay a message from a loved one to the living. Psychics try to pick up on random information and read your future using only what they see in their mind. I can also get information that way, but only trust it if given to me by your loved one.
I am Predominantly Claire-sentient
Which means, I get very specific pokes, pains, jolts, tickles, chokes, smells,  tastes, sensations, and noises etc. and the type of pain and level and whether healed or ongoing or an old pain in my body that the spirit tells me...and it's always 100% correct. I occasionally hear things and voices and names. I am also occasionally able to see pieces of a story or your loved ones will do a type of charades for me (in black and white) and of course sense colors etc./clairevoyant.
So unlike other readers who say "a problem in the chest area", I get verifiable and completely accurate information about health issues.
Because of this I don't provide as many random/general facts as the Long Island Medium or Tyler Hollywood Medium; I get one or two only you would know to verify your loved one is present. I prefer to focus on the more important issues....(murder, health problems, cause of death, important messages, location of lost things, life questions, etc, etc, etc)...

I Value Proof

Types of Sessions I Specialize In

  • Connecting to a passed loved one for verification they are well and watching over you etc.

  • Cause of murder

  • Cause of death

  • Health issues

  • Passed loved one's wishes and advice for you

  • Finding Lost Items

No one has ever reported repercussions after a session such as a new ghost in the home.  It does not necessarily mean you are opening the door to attract things you don't want in your life. 

How My Sessions Work

Its best if a close loved one who knew the person best or has the strongest desire to find an item is present via text.... Please be patient and thoughtful as we puzzle piece the symbols I receive to what it could possibly mean to you. Everything given to me has a significant meaning, and the thoughts that come to your mind may be the answer we are looking for. Often I get an answer as you are texting the question (spirit knows everything), so I ask that you hold all questions until we meet via text, and ask them one at a time, waiting until each answer is understood... except for the goal of the session and some basic background information such as if he/she was your brother, son, etc...Usually I verify the presence by cause of death so do not tell me! Photos and names are not needed but do help us get clearer answers because spirit may bring forward the person you need to hear from rather than the one you wish to hear from, and it may take longer to get all messages relayed. 

It is very important:

  1. To not try to channel at the same time. But asking a question in your mind with hope of a response and waiting patiently for the answer to be given to me is expected.

  2. To only ask one question at a time. I am not always very claireaudient (hear voices), so if you would like to verify a name, ask one at a time and they will show me with a head shake.

  3. To be in an undisturbed environment for about 1 hour by text

  4. To verify after each answer

  5. To be patient if a different spirit needs to speak with you first/more importantly for them.

  6. To be completely honest about your situation so that we can decipher the meanings of the signs and symbols to figure out what happened (details such as address etc not required).

I will ask for clarification with a second or third  confirmation if we are unsure if something is true.

For lost items I also prefer to read a photo of the item, text, and channel a passed loved one for the information. It can be anyone who was close to you and has your best interest in mind.

First: Your passed loved one will start by letting us know they are present by giving me literal feelings (very quick) either of how they died or something else you would know about them ... don't tell me until after the message is given to me/you, then verify if I'm correct or not so I know I have the correct channel.

Next: Usually we will then get something only you would know such as a recent event for additional verification they are the one giving the information, possibly a message about another close loved one living or deceased.

Then:  Additional questions about the main topic will be asked one at a time. I prefer specific questions rather than general life readings.

Finally: The last 5-10 minutes we will ask your passed loved one to give us the lottery numbers for the day or next day if its past the draw time. The important thing is that we are both focused on the same outcome/drawing/amount. The spirit that is giving them and how they are given will be up to the spirit we will discover then. We can either both go purchase the same numbers, or I can split it with you 60/40 if over $700 after taxes. Usually I just use my local lottery since I already know the rules and the navigation of the process which saves us both alot of time...California Lottery. Since all sessions are via text that will be the contract.  If they decide not to, don't worry about it...If I feel the spirit was willing but ran out of time for example, we can always try again later. If you would like to try automatic writing for example (see my facebook page for instructions), please do so before the session begins, and we can verify them later.

To Get Started: Send me an appointment request with your goal of the session, and undisturbed availability via text for about 1 hour. Please let me know if the person you would like to contact has ever won the lottery before or enjoyed playing. Spirit with strong beliefs against it in physical form will not be able to give us the numbers.

Examples of My Work

I no longer post examples on this site

Although the living didn't want to believe it because it would hurt alot of people, and she thought it was a woman who called 3 days before the body was found; there were alot of confirmations that the former husband killed the woman; starting with spirit's presence and knowing a random recent fact about the living, and 4 verifications about the husband she was separated from and 2 of his friends, and the ongoing domestic abuse, then an additional random fact about the living as I'm sure she wanted her to know she was still very much in the conversation....

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